500mA 5x20MM NB RED FUSE

Item Number: J101349
Packaging Unit: 5 / Pack
Dimensions: 5 X 20mm
Supplied in a handy hang sell pack of 5
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Product Information

Product Description

Cartridge fuses are typically used as a safety measure to help protect electrical devices and appliances from damage due to overcurrent. When current flowing through a circuit exceeds the carrying capacity of the fuse, the wire inside will melt, causing the fuse to blow.

These fuses feature a transparent glass tube which allows for the fuse element to be visually inspected, making it easier to determine if the fuse has blown.

Product Specifications

Fuse Size: 5mm x 20mm
Current Rating: 500mA
Pack Qty: 5

Our range of glass-bodied cartridge fuses are offered in a variety of amp ratings. We have normal blow and slow blow varieties available.

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