Wall Plug 7G x 25 Green

Item Number: WP25G
Packaging Unit: 100 / Pack
  • Made from durable plastic material that will not crumble over time
  • Outer laps prevent the plug from spinning in the hole when screw is applied
  • Screw length should equal the plug length plus fitting
  • When working with soft masonry please select a drill 1mm smaller
  • Supplied in handy merchandiser pack of 100
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Product Information

Product Description

The CABAC range of plastic wall plugs are used to anchor screws when fastening to solid wall materials such as masonry. Our wall plugs feature inner laps that close tightly around the screw and ensure it remains centred on a straight path. Outer laps engage with the drilled hole to prevent the plug from spinning as the screw is inserted.

These wall plugs are made from a durable plastic material that maintains its strength over time, even when exposed to chemically destructive agents like oils or acids.

Product Specifications

Drill Size: 6.5mm (No. 12)
Screw Size: 10-12
Length: 25mm

Note: Wall plugs must firmly grip the sides of a drilled hole and the screw in order to be effective. It is therefore very important to ensure that the drill, screw and plug are suitably matched. In soft masonry such as lightweight concrete you should select a drill 1mm smaller than the size listed above.

Our green wall plugs are supplied in handy merchandiser packs of 100. This variety is also available in bulk packs containing 25 plugs per frame for a total of 1000 plugs per box (part no. WP25G/1000)

Not the size you need? We have a wall plug size guide available, see Additional Information to view the CABAC catalogue or product datasheet.

Installation Tips

Our wall plugs are designed with a tapered cone-shaped tip that makes them easy to insert into a pre-drilled hole. The hole should be deep enough that the flat outer end of the plug sits just behind the wall surface. This can be achieved by placing another plug behind the first and hammering until the first plug has been fully driven home.

Note: These plastic wall plugs are intended for use in solid wall and are not suitable for placement in plaster or joints.

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