Cable Tie Dispenser Pack With Ties

Item Number: TIEPAKBK
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
This pack is unique in the way that you pick ties out of the centre of the pack, one at a time, and other ties dont come out at the same time
The pack rolls up and creates a neat transportable pack
Contains 6 Compartments
Includes: 50xCT98BK, 50xCT140BK, 50xCT200BK
50xCT250BK, 50xCT290BK
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Product Information

Product Description

CABAC has devised a neat and transportable system which allows you to keep track of your cable ties and prevent them from being lost in transit or on site.

Our patented design solves the hassles that the average electrician has with cable ties, which end up everywhere but in the bag. Whether it is to meet day-to-day requirements or for an unexpected project, our dispenser pack helps you stay prepared for every job.


The product features six compartments with clear plastic windows to easily determine the type of cable tie and current stock level. A centre opening allows for cable ties to be dispensed one at a time without disturbing the rest of your supply. The bag simply rolls up and fastens using hook-and-loop technology when no longer needed, providing secure storage with no mixing or misplacing of cable ties.

The roll pack comes with an assortment of regular duty ties in popular sizes from 100mm to 300mm length. A simple zip top means that the dispenser pouches can be refilled time after time - so having the right cable tie is as simple as grab and go!


The dispenser pack is supplied with the following UV stabilised nylon cable ties to get you started:
50 x CT98BK
50 x CT140BK
50 x CT200BK
50 x CT250BK
50 x CT290BK

Cable Tie Type: Pack
Cable Tie Colour: Black
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