Split Nylon Snap Bush 10mm

Item Number: SNSB10
Packaging Unit: 100 / Pack
Range taking advantage and can be retro-fitted to a cord if necessary
Panel hole size is not as critical
Fixed bushes snap into place
Self contained teeth for secure fit
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Product Information

Product Description

CABAC split-style nylon snap bushing is designed to protect cables from rough, raw edges on panel holes. As the name suggests, snap bushing features self-contained teeth that snap in place to provide a secure fit. Once installed, the grommet creates a smooth surface that prevents the cable from being cut or chafed.

Split bushing has several advantages over regular fixed bushing. The split allows the grommet to be fitted to a range of panel hole sizes, so precision is not as critical. Additionally, the split design makes it possible for the bushing to be retrofitted to cords or wires that are already in place.

Product Dimensions

Chassis Thickness: 0.8-3.2mm
Hole Size (A): 9.5mm
Inner Diameter (B): 6.7mm
Outer Diameter (C): 10.7mm
Height (L): 10.3mm

Line drawing available for reference, see Additional Information.

Technical Data

Material: Nylon 66 UL, 94 V-2
Colour: Black

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