CCon.50-120mm2run 6mm2tap

Item Number: CAEC6
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Heavy duty, earth rod (diameter 13, 14 & 15mm) tap off, C-connectors for tapping copper conductors
  • Suitable for direct burial & resistant to corrosion
  • Suitable for earthing networks
  • Refer to CAEC70 for tests to IEEE 837
  • Made from 99.9% pure copper
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Product Information

Product Description

C' Connector 50-120MM– Run 6MM– Tap

The Copper 'C' Connector range is specifically designed for applications requiring corrosion resistant and high current jointing or tapping of buried copper earthing grids, or to earth rods.

The range is dimensionally identical to the normally accepted dimensions in the Australian market. Crimp dies for the 'C' Connectors are oval in shape.

'C' Connectors are made from 99.9%+ cu high conductivity Copper. The 'C' shape is coated with jointing compound and these connectors are individually packed in plastic bags. The connectors are
supplied pre-loaded with jointing compound.

These Tap Off style 'C' Connectors are specifically designed to take a tap of 1.5 to 120mm– from a run or to joint to 13 to 15mm diameter earth rod (see Ordering Information). The resultant joint is tamper proof, highly corrosion resistant, and can be directly buried.

The 'C' connector is crimped using dies and a standard 13 Tonne tool.

Line drawings for dimensions are available see Technical Data.

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