Heatshrink Thin Wall 19MM Blue

Item Number: XLP20BL
Packaging Unit: 50 / Roll
  • Flame retardant tubing made from Electron Beam Cross Linked Polyolefin
  • Operating temperature -75 to +135 degrees Celsius
  • Resistant to common fluids, solvents and abrasion
  • UV resistant
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Product Information

Product Description

The CABAC XLP range of thin wall heat shrink tubing is used to insulate, protect and colour code conductors in a range of applications related to the electrical and associated industries. This general-purpose heat shrink provides electrical and mechanical protection, while also defending against environmental factors such as common fluids and/or solvents. Our blue thin wall heat shrink sleeving is flexible, flame retardant, and resistant to impact, abrasion and UV radiation.

The XLP range of heat shrink tubing is made from polyolefin that has been cross-linked using high-energy electron beam technology. Upon the application of heat, the tubing will shrink down to approximately 50% of its pre-shrink diameter to deliver tight-fitting electrical and environmental insulation. To shrink our heat shrink tubing, we recommend the use of a CABAC heat gun (Part No. HG2232 or HG2233).

CABAC blue polyolefin heat shrink tubing is UL certified and complies with a number of international standards, including ASTM D2671.


Pre-shrink diameter: 19.1mm
After-shrink diameter: 9.5mm
Recovered wall thickness: 0.68mm
Length: 50m roll

XLP tubing is available in a wide range of colours and sizes from 1.5mm to 125mm. The product datasheet includes a selection chart for your reference, see Resources.

Technical Data

Compliant Standards: UL224 VW1 File No. E366157, ASTM D2671
Continuous Operating Temp: -75 to +135 degrees Celsius
Shrinkage Temp: > 105 degrees Celsius
Longitudinal Shrinkage < 5%
Tensile Strength: 10.4 MPa
Breakdown Voltage: 25 kV/mm wall thickness
Elongation at Break Point: 400%
Water Absorption: 0.15% max
Voltage Rating: 600V
Heat Shock: 250 degrees for 4 hours

PLEASE NOTE: The full range of XLP heatshrink is UV stabilised except clear. Non-black colour variants will fade slightly or change colour over time dependent upon the strength of the UV radiation without impacting the materials functional characteristics.

Heatshrink Colour: Blue
Heatshrink Type: Thin Wall Tube
Product Colour: Blue
Wall: Thin
Pre-Shrink Diameter (mm): 19.1
After-Shrink Diameter (mm): 9.5
Heatshrink Tube Length (M): 50
Recovered Wall Thickness (mm): 0.68
Glue Lined: No
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