Bi-Metal Lug 35mm2-Reverse 10mm Stud

Item Number: RBL35-10
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Designed for bi-metal applications where it is necessary for the lug palm to be aluminium and the barrel to be copper
  • Reduction of contact resistance and inhibits corrosion
  • Designed to be crimped with CABAC and MSS Power tools dies
  • Conforms to Australian and many international standards
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Product Information

Product Description

Reverse Bi-Metal Lug

The CABAC range of 'Reverse' Bi-Metal Lugs is extensive. In a normal Bi-Metal Lug the palm section is made of Copper but with a reverse Bi-Metal Lug the palm is made of Aluminium and the barrel of Copper.

This range is made from the highest quality Aluminium (99.6%) and Copper (99.9%) then jointed by a friction welding process producing a sound electrical and mechanical joint not subject to electrolysis.

The barrels are chemically treated to reduce contact resistance and corrosion and are filled with a jointing compound breaking the oxide layers on the aluminium. They are designed to be crimped using standard Australian tooling and standard dies.

Standards and Compliance

AS/NZS4325 Part 1; IEC France; DIN/VDE Germany; JIS Japan; BS United Kingdom.

Technical Data

Nominal Conductor (mm2): 35
Stud Size: 10

Conductive Material
Aluminium Sleeve 99.6% pure
Copper Palm 99.9% pure
Tensile Strength 110 MPa
Ductile Rating 28%
Final Metal State Fully Annealed inc. joint
Joining Method Friction Welding (IEC std)

Operating Temperature
-40 to +100 deg C

Electrical Properties
Resistivity 2.6 micro-ohm cm (max): Aluminium
1.738 micro-ohm cm: copper
Conductivity 61.8% IACS (min): Aluminium
99.7% IACS: Copper

Dimensional Specification
Tooling is interchangeable between CABAC, Utilux and Burndy

Stud Size (mm): 10
Cable Size (mm2): 35
Lugs and Links - Material: Bi-Metal
Lug Type: Copper Barrel
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