Cu Compress. Slve O/H 25mm2

Item Number: PT25N
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Designed to accommodate stranded hard drawn Copper overhead conductors
  • Complies with full tension testing requirements of AS 1154.1
  • Quickly crimped using hexagonal dies and HT51 hydraulic crimper
  • A larger hydraulic crimper may also be used
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Product Information

Product Description

Full Tension Copper Sleeves O/H 25MM–

Copper compression sleeves are designed to accommodate stranded hard drawn copper overhead conductors and comply with the full tension testing requirements of AS 1154.1.

The sleeves are easily and quickly crimped onto the conductor using hexagonal dies and the HT51 hydraulic crimper, or any larger hydraulic crimper. The finished joint is shorter and less bulky than the McIntyre sleeve it replaces and twisting of the conductor required for the installation of McIntyre sleeves is avoided.

Copper compression sleeves are made from 99.9% high conductivity copper. Plastic plugs are fitted into the ends of the sleeve to prevent foreign material entering the sleeve prior to crimping the conductor. Compression lines are marked on each end of the sleeve to indicate the position and the number of compressions required. An indent in the centre of the sleeve acts as an internal stop to ensure conductors are inserted to the correct length.

Technical Data

Conductive material Copper 99.95% pure Oxygen content 30 p.p.m. Tensile strength 200 MPa Ductile rating 40% Final metal state fully annealed Operating temperature -55°C to 100°C Plating This product is not plated since limited shelf life is expected General electrical properties Total conductivity 99.7% IACS Total resistivity 1.738 micro-ohms cm Conformant standards AS 1154 Accepting authorities Energy Australia Electricity Services Victoria Rail Services Australia Energex Western Power- and many other recognised authorities.

Note: Contact us before using a compression sleeve on any conductor that is not listed.

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