Item Number: PBB-G-IM-SDI
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • An all purpose moulded plastic base to suit direct burial or slab mounting
  • Base can be attached to steel framework and stabilised
  • Light for ease of handling and storage
  • Corrosion proof brass inserts for cover bolts
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Product Information

Product Description

Pillar Box Base With Inserts - Green

The CABAC Pillar Box Base is an all-purpose moulded plastic base to suit direct burial or slab mounting. The base can be directly buried, or bolted to a slab. For high stability on steep slopes or unstable soils the base can be attached to a steel framework and stabilised soil/concrete poured around the base.

Pillar Box Base Features
• The base is light for ease of handling, transport and storage
• Slots for four standard fuse panels or one large panel
• Wide skirt for increased stability
• Upturned skirt lip increases resistance to pull out - dosing effect
• Flat bottom for slab mounting – dyna holes included
• Corrosion-proof brass inserts for cover bolts
• Wall design allows drilling for side entry
• Able to be stacked to reduce storage costs
• A datum line is provided to indicate burial depth

Technical Data

MaterialPolypropylene copolymer with additive rubberiser

Thermal Conductivity0.121 W/mk at 23°C

Thermal Coefficient of Linear Expansion86°C -1 x 10–

Flame Retardancy750°C min (AS2420 App B)

Wall Thickness4mm min

Yield Tensile Strength24 MPa min (ASTM D638-77A at 23°C)

Vicat Softening Point143°C (ASTM1526)

Izod Notch Impact500 J/m min (ASTM D256 at 23°C)

Melt Flow Index1.5 g/10 min (ASTM1238 Condition E)

IP RatingIP44 (Attached to CABAC base)

Line drawings and dimension details are available. See Brochures and Images under Product Resources and select the latest Catalogue.

Bases are available in other colours on request (orange, blue and grey) Frames are also available on request.

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