Pin Connector 25mm2 Black

Item Number: PC25
Packaging Unit: 10 / Pack
  • CABAC Pin Connectors use durable black nylon insulation and a knurled internal surface for secure connections with larger, fine-stranded wires.
  • Designed with a funnel entry for easy wire insertion.
  • Made from high-purity, annealed, and tin-plated electrolytic copper.
  • Operate within a temperature range of -20°C to +115°C, with a surge tolerance to +130°C.
  • Comply with UL 94 V2 standards for fire safety.
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Product Information

Product Overview

CABAC Pin Connectors are designed for use with larger conductors, providing reliable and efficient connections for various electrical applications. These connectors are ideal for accommodating fine-stranded wires and are specifically engineered to ensure ease of insertion and optimal conductivity.

Key Features

  • Insulation Material: Black nylon (Polyamide PA6.6), which is durable and resistant to environmental factors.
  • Insulated Sleeve Design: The internal surface of the sleeve is funnel-shaped to facilitate the easy and complete introduction of conductor strands.
  • Conductor Material: Made from high-purity electrolytic copper (above 99.95%) to ensure excellent electrical conductivity.
  • Surface Treatment: Electrolytically tin-plated to prevent oxidation, with a minimum thickness of 3 µm for the surface coating.
  • Annealing: The copper tube is annealed to guarantee optimum ductility, enhancing the flexibility and durability of the connectors.
  • Easy Insertion: Featured funnel entry enables straightforward wire insertion, promoting efficiency during installation.
  • Fire Safety: Classified under the self-extinguishing fire class UL 94 V2, ensuring safety in high-temperature conditions.

Technical Specifications

  • Operating Temperature Range: From -20°C to +115°C, with a surge capacity up to +130°C for short periods.
  • Insulated Cover Colour: Black (RAL 9005).
  • Type of Insulation: Partial.
  • Conductor Body Material: Electrolytic copper with a purity greater than 99.9%, rolled, tin-plated, and brazed.
  • Internal Surface of the Barrel: Knurled to improve grip and maintain a secure connection.
Cable Size (mm2): 25
Terminal Type: Pin Connector
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