Hour Timer S-Premium 3-Wire 240V 5A

Item Number: HNS456TM
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • 2-in-1 power switch that automatically turns off after a programmed time
  • Time delay from 1-24 hours, in hour increments
  • Setting retained even after loss of power
  • Can power fans, motors, pumps, contactors and inductive load
  • Suits Clipsal Saturn and Saturn Zen style wall plates
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Product Information

Product Description

The S-Click HNS456TM is a 3-wire hour time switch that provides convenient, timed operation of fans, motors and lighting. Time delay can be set in hour increments from 1 to 24 hours-perfect for garden lighting, water features and other applications requiring an extended run time. Alternatively, a quick tap will cancel the timer program and turn power off.

An amber LED indicates device status and gives an expiry warning before time-out. The timer settings are retained even after loss of power and can be configured to power up on or off after loss of mains power.

Programming your chosen off time couldn't be simpler. A sustained 10 second press of the button enters programming mode. Just tap the button once for each hour of run time you require, up to 24 hours. Programming mode expires 10 seconds after the last tap, and the unit then commits your settings to memory. If you happen to press the button more than 24 times, the maximum run time of 24 hours will be stored.

The HNS456TM is also equipped with Boost Mode, a convenient bonus feature that allows users to double the program run time (up to the maximum 24 hours). Instead of a quick tap, a sustained two second press of the button will initiate boost mode and the timer program will be automatically extended; for example, a 2-hour program would be extended to 4 hours.

Applications and Compatibility

The HNS456TM is compatible with a wide range of load types, including wire wound transformers and fan motors. Suggested uses include small pool pumps, water features or garden and decorative lighting.

Compatible with Clipsal Saturn and Saturn Zen Style wall plates.

Multi-way switching capable with the S-Click HNS026RB Remote Button

Operating Conditions

Operating Voltage: 230 - 240V a.c. 50Hz
Operating Temperature: 0 to +50 ¦C
Certification Standard: CISPR15, AS/NZS 3100, AS/NZS 60669.2.1
Maximum Load: 1200W / 500VA
Maximum Current capacity: 5A
Terminals: Screw Terminals suit 0.5mm2 to 1.5mm2 stranded (bootlace terminal recommended)
Note: Operation at temperature, voltage or load outside of the specifications may cause permanent damage to the unit.

The HNS456TM is to be installed as part of a fixed wire electrical installation. By law such installations must be made by an electrical contractor or similarly qualified person. For operating instructions and important safety warnings, refer to the User manual.

Max Current (A): 5
Max Time Out (hrs): 24
Max Load (VA): 500
Timer Range: 1 ~ 24 hours
Indicator Colour: Amber
Dimmer Compatible: Yes
Fans Compatible: Yes
Number of Wires: 3
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