Bluetooth Single Module Digi Time Switch

Item Number: HNS810TM
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Din Mount, Single Module, Bluetooth Programmable Digital Time Switch
  • 70 available ON OFF programmes per day, 7 day programme allows up to 980 Memory Spaces
  • Day light savings function ( Default On ), Over 10 years Power Reserve
  • OTA firmware upgrade capability through the S Click APP
  • Service Counter with 4 parameters and a Pulse Mode Function
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Product Information

Product Description

The S-Click HNS810TM is a smart, user-friendly DIN switchboard timer featuring large screw terminals and Bluetooth low-energy connectivity. The device supports up to 70 ON/OFF programmes per day to create a tailored schedule to suit your specific application. The output will turn ON and OFF according to the set schedule, and the HNS810TM allows for timers to overlap and run concurrently.

Set up is easy using the free S-Click iOS application via your smartphone or tablet. Unique device serial numbers enable centralised schedule management at remote sites. Users can even store device pre-sets in the app for easy setup of multiple devices across different locations.

The key features of the HNS810TM digital timer switch include:

- 70 available ON/OFF programmes per day
- 7 day programme allows up to 980 Memory Spaces
- Programs stored for 99+ years in EEPROM memory.
- Advanced supercapacitor provides clock backup for the life of the product.
- Automatic Daylight Savings function (Default ON).
- Pulse mode (minimum 1 second).
- Service Counter with 4 parameters: Device Up time, Total Load ON time, Load ON time since last reset, last reset date.
- Standard 17.5mm DIN rail mounting.
- Illuminated LED indicator for switch status and Bluetooth sync.
- Over the Air (OTA) Firmware upgradable through the S-Click app.

Operating Conditions

Operating Voltage: 230-240Va.c. 50Hz
Operating Temperature: -20 to +55 degrees Celsius
Certified Standard: IEC 60730-1, IEC 60730-2-7, AS/NZS 4268
Current Capacity (Resistive): 16A
Current Capacity (P.F. 0.6): 8A (Inductive/Capacitive)
Output Type: Volt Free Pair (Relay)
Connection Type: Screw Terminals (captive screw with self-raising terminal washers)
Conductors: Suits stranded or solid cable
Stranded: Max. 2 x 1.5mm
Solid: Max. 2 x 2.5mm
Min. 0.6mm solid / 0.28mm2 / 22AWG
Channels: 1
Accuracy: +/- 0.25s / day @ 25 degrees Celsius
NOTE: Operation at temperature, voltage or load outside of the specifications may cause permanent damage to the unit.

For installation instructions, operating instructions and warranty information, refer to the owner's manual (see Additional Information).

WARNING: The HNS810TM is to be installed as part of a fixed wire electrical installation. By law such installations must be made by an electrical contractor or similarly qualified person.

Download the Free S-Click iOS or Android App!

Search 'S-Click' on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to find and download the S-Click App. The S-Click App can be used to adjust all device settings and set timers. The S-Click application is required to setup the device and set timers; the device cannot be configured from the device itself.

The device can only be made discoverable by pressing a button on the unit itself. This is to ensure that only those with access can adjust the time schedule.

Power Reserve: 10 years
Memory Spaces: 980
Number of Channels: 1
Switch Type: Digital
Programmable Via: Bluetooth
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