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    Industrial Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes

    Stubborn sealants such as silicone and expanding foam require a quick and effective clean up method, especially when there is no water available on site. Everbuild Wonder Wipes are the perfect solution!

    Wonder Wipes are effective in removing:
    - Sealant, including expanding foam and even silicone
    - Wet and semi-cured paint and paint smears
    - Dirt, grime, oil, grease and petrol
    - Bitumen
    - Adhesive
    - Inks
    - Finger marks
    - Food stains

    These versatile cleaning wipes are suitable for hands, tools and work surfaces, making them an excellent choice for builders and tradesmen. The special formulation also includes a powerful anti-bacterial additive and lanolin to condition skin.

    Technical Specifications

    Additional Information

    Product Specifications

    Pack qty: 100 per tub.
    Also available in a bulk tub of 300, part number CABWW300

    Storage conditions: Store in cool dry conditions away from direct sunlight between 5 and 25 degree Celsius

    Application Instructions

    First, pull off lid and open closure. Find the start wipe in the centre of the roll, pull out approximately 1 foot of wipes and thread through lid. Replace lid immediately and re-seal closure.

    - Use only as directed.
    - Do not use on porous surfaces such as untreated wood.
    - Do not dispose of wipes in toilets.
    - It is the user's responsibility to determine suitability for use.
    - Store only in original container.
    - People with sensitive or damaged skin should avoid prolonged contact with skin.