Spiral Binding KIT 20MM Black 2M

Item Number: SBK20BK
Packaging Unit: 1 / Kit
Designed to wrap around bundles of wires to make neat looms and to protect the conductors
Choice between indoor and outdoor binding
Outdoor binding is UV stabilized (2% carbon black)
Supplied in easy use cardboard dispenser boxes
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Product Information

Product Description

The CABAC range of spiral binding is a versatile, simple to install cable management system designed to tidy and protect cables and wires. The product wraps around the cable bundle to create neat looms that help to guard against abrasion and other damage. The spiral wrap-around design makes it easy to separate one or more cables from the bundle, allowing for wire breakouts at any point along the length of the loom.

Spiral cable binding is user-friendly, flexible and adjustable, with each size adapting to fit bundle diameters within its considerable expansion range. Cable binding kits are supplied in handy merchandising packs.

Our black spiral binding contains 2% carbon black for UV stability and as such it is suitable for outdoor applications.

Product Dimensions

ID Minimum: 20mm
ID Maximum: 100mm
Kit Qty: 2m

Our 20mm spiral cable wrap is also available in a convenient dispenser box of 15 metres for larger jobs, refer part number SB20BK.

Not the size you need? We have a wide variety of sizes and reel lengths available. Refer to the product datasheet for a full list of options.

Technical Data

Material: Alkathene low-density polyethylene
Maximum Operating Temperature: 70 degrees Celsius
UV Stability: Good (2% carbon black)

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