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Our team specialise in manufacturing lugs and links to your exact specifications

We specialise in Custom Manufactured Lugs and Links 

Our manufacturing team located in Sydney, Australia have manufactured a wide range of products from as simple as additional holes to existing lugs, through to more complex bi-metal lug barrel configurations. 

Partnering with you from initial design concept to on-time delivery

Working closely with our Group Design Department, our highly experienced production staff will manufacture the initial design concept to meet your specific design and technical requirements. Once tested and approved, the design will be manufactured by the same production team that created the initial design prototypes.  

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities combine advanced CAD/CAM design and CNC machining for quick and precise manufacture. We currently run a range of 5-axis numerically controlled NC lathes for producing copper, aluminium and bi-metal lugs, links and connectors to customer specifications. 

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