Industrial Solutions
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Industrial Solutions

Rugged, specialised industrial products from brands you know and trust

Electrical Safety & PPE 

One flash and you’re gone! Our range includes Arc Flash apparel to protect against potentially fatal arc faults that can occur when racking in a breaker, performing switching or due to insultation failure and accidents. Our range of arc flash protective equipment includes shirts, trousers, outer garments, face shields, gloves and more.

Our range also includes popular LOTO products, height safety products and rescue kits.

Hydraulic Crimping and Cutting Tools

We supply a range of Hydraulic crimpers and cutters suitable for a variety of industrial applications. We distribute the popular Cembre HT130-C crimper both with and without a full set of compatible dies.

We also supply our hand-operated cutters, available in models to suit annealed copper and aluminium cables up to 400mm2.

Specialist Cable Ties and Strapping

The CABAC range of cables ties includes nylon cable ties for indoor and outdoor applications, as well as a range of coated and uncoated stainless steel cable ties.

The CABSTRAP range of stainless steel strapping is resistant to extreme acidity, alkalinity and highly corrosive environments, and can be used to secure cables to poles, signs to poles or switch boards and more.

Specialist Tooling

Browse our must-have tools for industrial projects.

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CABAC Test and Measurement

Test and Measurement

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CABSTRAP Stainless Steel Strapping

CABSTRAP Stainless Steel Strapping

High clamping force for long term stability...

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Safety and PPE

Safety & PPE

View our comprehensive range of electrical safety and personal protective equipment...

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