Bi-Metal Link 150Al To 35Copper

Item Number: BLK150/35
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
Manufactured using friction welding process producing a very strong electrically sound joint, which will not be subject to electrolysis
Link circular or sector stranded Al cable to circular Cu cable
Designed to be crimped with CABAC and MSS Power tool dies
Crimp with standard hex dies
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Product Information

Product Description

Bi-Metal Link 6mm Aluminium to 4mm Copper

For stranded sector and circular stranded aluminium to stranded copper cable.

The CABAC range of bi-metal crimp links are made to Australian dimensions and can be crimped with Australian standard tooling. They are friction welded from the highest quality aluminium (99.6% pure) and copper (99.9% pure). The barrels are coated with jointing compound, and the links are individually packed in plastic bags.

A full range of standard sizes are available however, virtually any link can be machined to order at short notice.

Cable Size Small End (mm2): 35
Lugs and Links - Material: Bi-Metal
Cable Size Large End (mm2): 150
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