Boot Lace Pin 0.5mm2-White 500Pack Halogen Free

Item Number: BLP050/500
Packaging Unit: 500 / Pack
  • Terminate stranded conductors with a thin-walled copper sleeve crimped securely in place, ensuring all strands are contained.
  • The crimped sleeve is held in position until the housing screw establishes a connection, ensuring a secure and reliable termination.
  • Optimal results can be achieved by using one of our HNKE range of crimp tools.
  • All components are environmentally safe, being Halogen Free and RoHS compliant.
  • Suitable for applications between -55 degrees C to +105 degrees C, made from copper and nylon, and designed for use with copper cables only. The plating micron thickness is 0.003mm.
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Product Information

Product Description

Bootlace pins are used to terminate conductors, by containing the strands in a thin walled copper sleeve that is crimped on to the conductor. The sleeve ensures that no conductor strands stray, and also stops screws in the terminal from breaking strands. With the use of larger diameter flexible cables, the range is continually growing, so please contact our sales department if an item you need is not shown.

There are three basic types of Bootlace Pin:
- Insulated single conductor style
- Twin conductor style
- Uninsulated cord end sleeves

The sleeves should be slipped over the stripped conductor, and crimped with one of our HNKE range of crimp tools. The crimp is only to hold the sleeve on conductor until screw of terminal housing makes the connection.

Technical Data

Nominal Conductor: 0.5mm2
Colour: White
Pack Qty: 500
Tooling Part No.: HNKE12, HNKE3, HNKE6 and HNKE5

L: 14mm
P: 8mm
B: 1mm
D: 2.6mm

Note: Line drawings for dimensions (L, P, B and D) are available.

Cable Size (mm2): 0.5
Terminal Type: Bootlace Pin
Terminal Colour: White
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